Sunday, 14 October 2012


if you know me you will know I love driving, even tho my van is a sludgy, 14 year old beast I still love the feeling of freedom I get from driving her. Last night I decided to go for a drive on my own, to fetch supplies (chrisps and drinks). It was rather dark and the street lights do an amazing job of lighting the way for you, but as I headed out the back of Ilkeston I was driving along a road without street lights, the darkness covered the intire landscape. I prefer night driving, I don't know what it is but I love it, the sense of being in the middle of nowhere with just the lights of the van to guide me.
I had my full beams on and the lights reflected on the cats eyes in the centre on the road, and it made me realise that, even in the darkness there is still something to guide me, and it really related to my relationship with God at the moment, I feel dormant in my faith, not a lot is going off in my life, but like the cats eyes in the road, God will reflect the light I shine living out my life, and guide me in the right direction even through the darkness. All I have to do is shine my light!

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