Sunday, 20 February 2011


Last night, Me and Abi decided to go for a drive, it was about 9.30 and we were really bored so we wrapped up warm and jumped in to Larry monster, (my car), and headed out, we didn't know where to go so we were makig random decisions on directions at junctions and roundabouts, I love driving, I love the sense of freedon you get whilst driving, and feeling the attmosphere of the area you are driving through.

About 20 minutes in to the journey, haven driven hrough some complette random towns and villages we ended up at a junction with a firmilular pub, even though we felt lost and had tried to get lost we ened up somewhere we knew, so on our mission to find random place we headed up the rad in a direction that none of us had ever been. We started heading up hill, in the Derbyshire Dales, it started to get a little misty, but we eventually realized we didn't know where we were, it was just Me, Abi, Larry monster and our tunes, chugging along.

The higher we headed the thicker the mist got, until it was that thick, I couldn't see 2 cats eys infront of me, it was unreal. There seemed to be no cars comming the other way. It was an odd feeling of lonliness. Driving became a real test of my driving skill, I was ecited by not knowing what was in front of me, but at the same time scared of what could be just in front of me.

It got me thinking, that in life sometimes our paths become covered in fog, and we can't seem to see whats just in from of us, and we may stray from Gods path, take the wrong turn or stop in our stride, but if we just have faith in Him, He will guide us through the thickest of fog. and bring us out on the otherside. Whatever our Fog is or no matter how thick it is, God can and will get you through it.